Cuckoo WhatsApp is the right choice for those of you who want to improve the messaging experience on the WhatsApp application. By using this updated version we can get various advantages over the features of the original application.

This is the reason why many official WhatsApp users have started switching to WA Mod. The mod app is not available on Google Play Store but this time you can get it from the download link given in our explanation.

In this digital era, it is very difficult to separate from the role of social media. Because by using this platform we can connect with many people, besides that we can get updated information from people around us.

But actually every application has certain features, so we need to have more than one application to get all these features.

WhatsApp itself has the most complete features for an instant messenger application. However, each of these features has limitations, such as the number of files you can send is limited to 15 MB. So if you have a file of above size, you need to split it into 2 files to send.

Optimizing using Whatsapp Mod is the solution to meet your needs. So for more information about the WhatsApp Nails application you can see it like the image below.

What is CooCoo WhatsApp?

CooCoo WhatsApp apk

WhatsApp Nails is the latest version of the app and it is certain that its benefits and features are much better. This application is perfect for someone who is bored with the original version of WhatsApp. Because it has many features that you can use.

The more features available, of course, will make users more flexible and flexible in using the existing features. There are many features ready to take care of the users. For that, you need to know more information about WhatsApp CooCoo.

WhatsApp CooCoo 2022 for the latest version is perfect for millennials who are actively using this application from Facebook CS. Especially for those of you who have a business and rely on WhatsApp marketing, then of course it will be very profitable for you.

The developer has added several features to make it easier for us to use WA CooCoo. The most sought after feature of this latest WhatsApp mod application is the video call filter.

With this latest variant feature, other WhatsApp users are more interested in using this improved WhatsApp.

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Main features of CooCoo WhatsApp

CooCoo WhatsApp apk

So talking about improving WhatsApp features is no longer in doubt. There are many additional features that you will not find in the original version of the WhatsApp application. Because this application is the result of the first update from WhatsApp, it is natural that WhatsApp is not available on the App Store or Play Store.

Please refer to the following explanation to find out what features are contained in it:

1. Beautify feature

The default effect can beautify the appearance of your video call with someone. Of course, this is very useful to make you feel confident when making video calls with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

For this one feature, it is only available in the WhatsApp CooCoo application and not all WhatsApp mod versions are equipped with this feature.

2. Anti-cancel message feature

Most of the upgraded WA features are already available in the form of an anti-cancellation message. This feature is ready to help those who often want to know when a sent message needs to be deleted or deleted by the sender.

3. It has a large selection of themes

The original WhatsApp theme is quite boring due to the lack of available themes. But this does not apply to the updated WhatsApp which offers a wide selection of themes. Even the theme can be more than 4,000 choices that you can use as a flavoring.

4. Download content automatically

In the WhatsApp application, all multimedia content can be sent automatically or you can disable the option. Some users disable this feature to save more internet quota.

You can disable or enable automatic downloading of multimedia content. This can be adjusted according to need.

5. Remove theme

In addition to offering a wide selection of themes, you can also choose the clear themes available on CooCoo WhatsApp. Users can customize according to personal preferences. You will not find this feature in regular WA.

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6. Privacy Features

There are many elements in CooCoo's WhatsApp privacy. You can hide your online status so it doesn't show up right when you use this app. Users can hide the blue icon in the chat column section.

Typing status and voice recording status can also be hidden. With this app, users can hide the status of posted stories. There are also some anti-result features where you can view messages sent by friends and then deleted.

7. Audio gallery and camera features

Features in the form of its own gallery can send more photos. A maximum of 100 photos and videos with audio, for example 100 MB of music, can be sent in a single send.

Camera photos are also of high quality. After that it can be sent quickly. You can share documents and view files up to 100 MB in size for all types of documents.

8. Location and address

There is an additional feature of location and contact where users can share their current location with precise dots. This also applies to contacts that can be directly shared with up to 200 contacts at once.

9. Download WA History

You can create stories or stories up to 1 x 24 hours in the WhatsApp application. Only the person who saved your phone number is visible for this situation and you save it too.

Though using this updated WhatsApp it will help you to download stories and save them to gallery section.

10. Anti banned

This anti-ban feature is available on WhatsApp CooCoo so its security is guaranteed. A warning will appear if you use the updated version of WhatsApp later.

If you are using a modified WhatsApp then you have nothing to fear because this application is safe to use.

Download Coco WhatsApp Apk

Download Coco WhatsApp Apk

You can't find it in official app stores like google play store so we can use this WA mod. In this way, you have to download the WhatsApp Cocoa APK from the link below.

App nameCuckoo WhatsApp
DeveloperFuad Mokdad
Operating system required4.4+ Android
App versionNew version
App size52 MB
Download linkhere

How to install WA CooCoo Apk

For those of you who have downloaded Coco WhatsApp and don't know how to install it, you can follow some of the steps we share below.

  • Prepare the CooCoo WhatsApp apk
  • Then you can open it in the settings menu.
  • Choose privacy
  • Then you can select the application and tick "Unknown sources".
  • Choose this wa mod file
  • Finally, just wait for the process to finish.

CooCoo WhatsApp has been successfully installed on your Android so that it can be used immediately, here are some of the features in this mod.

Benefits of CooCoo WhatsApp

Benefits of Coco WhatsApp

  • Number of letters in 255 characters
  • Maximum media size is 50 MB
  • Send text/PDF documents
  • Change theme
  • Hide last seen
  • Sending a blank message
  • Recording people's situation

Some of them we have mentioned above. You can get other benefits if you use this mod application.

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Tips for using unlimited numbers

Of course, using non-official apps like modified WhatsApp is very vulnerable to account suspension or ban. However, to avoid this, you can find out how to use these advanced WhatsApp tips to be safe and unblocked.

We recommend that you regularly carry out the process of updating or updating applications. You can check directly on the official website. After that, update according to the terms and applicable privacy policy.

The privacy policy is set by the official WhatsApp party. However, before doing this, you should backup all the data contained in the previous WhatsApp application.

The goal is not to lose important information. Also, you need to delete the official WhatsApp account before using CooCoo WhatsApp.

Last word

The advantages of CooCoo WhatsApp compared to the original WhatsApp are many. One of them is the beauty effect when making video calls. With this feature, Loop.co.id video call sessions will be more enjoyable.

 CooCoo WhatsApp Apk Latest Download 2022 Anti Banned

CooCoo WhatsApp Apk Latest Download 2022 Anti Banned

CooCoo WhatsApp Apk Latest Download 2022 Anti Banned CooCoo WhatsApp Apk Latest Download 2022 Anti Banned

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